Total NHBC pride in he job awards past 6 years

2018 NHBC Quality Awards Overview

Barret homes won 13% (10) more quality awards in 2018 compared to the year 2017,
However, buyers should not take this as an indication that quality and customer service has dramatically improved; but it looks to be heading in the correct direction, they clearly have a snagging process that is working for them.

On the other hand persimmon won 66% (4) fewer awards this year, Awards won are at a steady decrease year after year, personally I think they need to take a long hard look at there snagging process as its evident that there isn’t one.

2017 NHBC Quality Awards Overview

Barratts homes hit there lowest number in 2017 however still higher the main competition. McCarthy & stone seem to be on the rise with a 50% increase winning 5 more awards than 2016.

A total of 246 awards where handed out this year with Barratts claiming the most (73) crest receiving the lowest with just 4

2016 NHBC Quality Awards Overview

 Redrow homes seem to be improving year after year along with Bellway homes , you can   see there clearly working on improving there overall quality, Great news for the home  buyers. Barrett’s on the other hand are dropping awards year after year however still ahead of the competition.

2015 NHBC Quality Awards Overview

With the pressure added by directors of the major housebuilding company’s there is no surprise that almost all won fewer awards than the previous year, Redrow and Bellway where the only builders to increase there awards out of the top company’s.

Jeff Fairburn, CEO of persimmon under performs for another year with only 6 awards, considering the amount of sites persimmon have currently got that is a shameful number yet again

2014 NHBC Quality Awards Overview

It appears that the help to buy offer has increased the amount of houses the big company’s are producing , however unfortunately the quality is dropping year after year, Barrett’s won fewer awards yet again , persimmon with just 8 awards they are seriously struggling with quality of production in recent years, time for a change maybe? That said, a Quality Award winning site is no guarantee that buyers will get a quality new home.

2013 NHBC Quality Awards Overview

Barrett’s are leading the way with over 100 awards in 2013, way ahead of the competition.

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