Why Use A Professional Snagger?


We believe that hiring a professional snagger is a vital ingredient to purchasing your new home. With the house building mindset of large developers being quantity and not quality. A common mistake is made by new home owners is to base overall quality descions on internal looks rather than looking closely at the correct way thing should be done aswell as things that our professionals know that could be hidden. Take a look at our top 5 tips guide to buying your new home. Some of the worst houses that have been snagged by us look good on the outside but when looked at professionally numerous items are brought to light that would only create new issues in time. Please bear in mind when using a professional snagger that we are very professional and do this day in day out with a 20 year background within the house building and management trades alike.

Unlike most other snagging companies who just pop in and have a quick walk round and just use their eyes, here at New home quality control we spend up to 4hrs in your home compiling a full report that will include photographic evidence of the issues. We will also explain all the snags to the customer so that they have a better understanding of the issues that are on the report. We believe this will help when having a visit from the relevant rectifying trades.

5 usefull tips to assist you during your sale and snagging

1. Don’t settle for anything less than quality
When you have purchased your property DON’T settle for anything less than the quality you were promised when being sold your dream. A professional snagger will ensure you get what you have been promised and most of all what you have paid for. Don’t get brushed aside or fed with false hopes.

2. Study your house type working drawings
We often find that things are missed off your drawing to cover up mistakes made by the developer or even wrong materials used. Drawing MUST be looked at very closely

3. Home demo
It is vital that you get a thorough home demo from a member of the site managers team. Ask as many questions as you can. Prepare for your demo in advance. Understand all the extras that have been agreed and make sure all are done on demo.

4. Hold off moving in until snagging survey completed.
Once you have a key collection date book your survey for the following day. This way we can scrutinise every inch of the property and it will give all trades no excuse for a reason for things not to be completed.

5. PLEASE don’t base your quality decision on first appearances.
Things are not always what they seem on first impressions. Houses need inspecting from top to bottom by a qualified and competent person who has passion for what they do. They know exactly what the are looking for. They know the rights from wrongs. Professional snaggers have an eye that the average person doesn’t along with the correct equipment to see beyond the aesthetics.

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